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Why You Should Choose Us.

A NeuroScience based, dynamic and modern approach to CE learning.

Our curriculum is designed to empower agents with the latest NLP techniques that can dramatically enhance your communication skills and connect with clients on a whole new level. Our content is intended to make you stand out, be the go to referral and be the agent your clients can truly appreciate on their journey.

From being able to attract and close deals effortlessly, confidently navigating through negotiations. To handling your own limiting self talk and understanding how to you are creating everything you have and all that you don't - using cutting-edge techniques and modern NLP strategies, we've got you covered. Consider the advantages you'll have over your competitors, thanks to a fresh perspective and a unique set of skills.

With our courses you'll benefit from:

  • Engaging and Interactive Learning: Say goodbye to dull lectures!

    Our courses are designed to keep you engaged and excited throughout.

  • Expert Instructors: Learn from Board Certified NLP Trainers, how to practically and immediately apply neuroscience based techniques into your interactions.

  • Real Time Practice: Put your knowledge into action with various exercises and role-playing to build your confidence to use the skills even that same day.

  • Networking Opportunities: Connect with like-minded realtors and industry experts, expanding your professional network.

  • World Class Content: Neuroscience content is used by the best and most successful in the country and the world; Oprah, Tony Robbins, MLB, BMW, Keller Williams, Tony Blair ect and now YOU!

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Communicate and

Sell Successfully:

6 Steps NLP

Sales Process

4 CE Credit




Creating a Win - Win - Win Everytime

2 CE Credit

Coming Soon

Breaking Free of

Self Sabotage:

Introduction to

Mindset Mastery

2 CE Credit



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All of the trainings I’ve completed with MotivAction have been eye opening and transformational in my business and personal life. If you want to unlock your next level in life, do not think much further. Just do it.


Claudia Ochoa

Founder of ICON Properties

My biggest challenge prior to begining NLP training with MotivAction has been difficulty with staying focused and getting stuff done. Often led to frustration and a feeling of hopelessness. As I move forward from the training, I can see a path to clearing this problem from my life. I have an understanding of the root causes and strategies and tasking to make meaningful changes in my day to day life. If you are considering deepening your understanding about how the mind affects behavior and why, how to communicate effectively with both yourself and others in your life, start down this path with Irina Alexander and the Academy of MotivAction!


Doedi Meyer

Real Estate Broker Associate at Easter and Easter

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