This Enrollment Agreement outlines the requirements for receiving course credit, enumerates the policies of MotivAction® LLC, and provides details about student fees.

Requirements for receiving course credit:

A student may not repeat the same QE or SAE course in a 2-year period. MotivAction® is not liable for those students who duplicate previously taken QE, SAE, or CE courses. It is also the student’s responsibility to know how many hours they need for QE, SAE, or CE.


1. Pay Tuition

2. Participate in class activities

3. Display Photo ID at the classroom check-in. (Acceptable forms: Driver License ID, Passport, Military ID, or copy of Photo ID)

4. Conducting disruptive to the class will not be permitted

5. MotivAction® has the right to expel anyone from class for disruptive behavior. No refund will be given

Policies and Fees:


Student must register at least 24 hours prior to the class start date.


Tuition for each course is pre-paid. The total registration fee is noted on the online checkout page. The tuition fee includes all textbooks, study manuals, etc. required to complete thecourse.


All workbooks are required and included in the course tuition pricing. Additional workbookscan be purchased individually. There are no refunds on textbooks (hardcopy or PDF version). Unauthorized reproduction of copywritten materials is a violation of copyright laws. MotivAction® published books are subject to updated versions, and books older than 90-days will require a new book to be purchased. MotivAction® is not responsible for the resell of any of our workbooks and is prohibited. All workbooks can be shipped, and shipping cost will be incurred.

Personal Items:

Please turn off all cell phones before entering the classroom. Please lock your car and put any valuable items in your trunk. Any theft of valuable items on campus or off campus is not the responsibility of MotivAction®. Earbuds, headphones, and recording devices are prohibited in classrooms.


Real Estate CE courses require full attendance to receive credit. Student must attend all classroom lecture presentations, participate in group discussions, and contribute to case study analysis. A student who misses class time will be moved into the next course and will be charged a $35 transfer fee.

(Minors may not accompany parents, family members, or legal guardians to class.)

Passing Score:

A student must achieve a score of 70% or higher on the course final exam to pass and receive credit for Real Estate CE (as applicable).

(MotivAction® reports CE credit to TREC)


You agree that any exercises, quizzes, and/or exams will be completed on your own, without assistance from any outside source. You agree to not share any of the questions, answers, or any other information regarding the exercises, quizzes, and/or exams with any other person. You agree that you will not copy or duplicate IN ANY WAY any of the copyrighted course materials you have received from MotivAction® or any of the content contained in the exercises, quizzes, and/or exams. Any student found to have violated these terms will be reported to the appropriate state agency and will forfeit any course enrollment fee paid. Violating these terms may result in fines, license suspension, and/or license revocation.


Please keep all original certificates. Classroom QE and SAE students will receive original certificates at completion of class. All copies of course completion certificates can be found on Students "My Classes" online account.


All courses are refundable WITHIN 3 DAYS from date of purchase less a $20 per course cancellation fee and cost of each textbook. After the 3 days, courses are non-refundable. If a student starts any portion of the course or downloads any material for the course, the course is non-refundable.


Courses are valid only for the name of the registered student. Courses are non-transferable from one student to another.

Cancellation Fees:

A $20 cancellation fee applies to each course if a student wishes to cancel their registration within a given time frame.

Course Cancellation:

Should MotivAction® cancel a scheduled course the student shall receive a full refund within a reasonable time, or they may receive a credit equal to the dollar amount of the original purchase to use toward the purchase of a future course.

No-Show Fee:

The student will have one-year from Time-of-Purchase to complete the course, after one-year the course/tuition expires, and the student must reenroll at full tuition price.

Returned Checks:

There will be a $35 charge on all returned checks and MotivAction®. will hold the student’s course completion certificate until payment is received.

Recording Devices:

The use of any recording device is prohibited.

Copyright Rules:

All broadcasted and written material is intended for MotivAction® training courses only. The unauthorized reproduction or distribution of this copywritten material violates federal law and MotivAction® reserves the right to seek monetary and injunctive relief.


You are agreeing to receive marketing communications from MotivAction®. MotivAction® will

never sell or otherwise disclose your personal information to any third party.

The Student hereby agrees and understands that student is responsible for paying for all courses, materials, and/or other charges set forth herein. The student also agrees and understands that should any form of payment tendered by or on behalf of Student be denied, canceled, disputed, or otherwise not fully satisfy all charges for courses, or materials as detailed herein that Student will be responsible for paying any outstanding balance immediately upon notification by MotivAction®.

By accepting this Enrollment Agreement, I acknowledge that: (1) I have read it in its entirety; (2) that I understand it; and (3) I agree to the MotivAction® policies outlined in it.

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