What does it look like to live without succumbing to superior and inferior feelings about ourselves and others?

It means we will see ourselves and other people as unique individuals with our own different strengths and abilities, weaknesses, and lack of skills without seeing anyone as better or worse than another, completely without the judgment of right or wrong.

 In conflict and drama, there is "good guy vs bad guy" thinking. Want to know your role?


"I can help you"

"Let me do it"


"Its all your fault"

"I cant believe I did that"


"Poor me"

"Nobody cares"

We believe your life will not get better by chance.

It will get better by choice, change and action!

Jen Hardy | COO and Lead Trainer

Jen Hardy, a Texas girl at heart, is an ex-public educator and decorated state championship soccer coach who left it all behind to embark on a journey to find her true passion and purpose. While she excelled in her previous roles, she felt a yearning to explore what else she was capable of achieving.

Through her exploration, Jen realized that education and coaching were indeed her calling, but she sought a different avenue outside of public education. Over the past five years, she has devoted herself to expanding her knowledge and skills through various subjects and modalities, including neuro-linguistic programming, timeline therapy, and hypnosis. Jen finds great joy in continuous growth and embraces each new "ah-ha" moment she encounters, whether it comes from audiobooks, new programming, or any other source of learning. She firmly believes that true masters understand that learning is a lifelong journey.

One of Jen's core beliefs is that our deepest desires lie in taking responsibility for our lives and acknowledging what we don't know, that we don’t know. She recognizes the power of awareness as the first step towards true empowerment. This mindset fuels her dedication to personal growth and drives her to share her knowledge and experiences with others.

During her leisure time, you'll often find Jen engaging in activities that bring her joy and connection. Whether it's playing soccer, painting, going for walks while listening to audiobooks, or spending quality time with loved ones, she cherishes these moments. Jen also nurtures a deep passion for travel and food, as they provide her with enriching experiences and opportunities to explore different cultures.

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